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IT, optimization, maps

One is from scientific environment, the second from commercial. We are now two full-stack developers who deliver complex IT services. Our speciality is maps and geodata, we have experience in different business domains and positions, and we love to meet new ones.


Want to enjoy a challenge together?

How we work

We love it when our work brings real value to our partners. That’s why feedback is important to us during the entire cooperation, and we also give our partners an opportunity to end the cooperation every week

Principles that allow us a consistently high pace:

  • Because we value the resources of our partners, we often ask for feedback and use it to improve the cooperation.
  • Because we prefer to deliver value to our customers, we try to prevent mistakes and routines by automating where it’s possible. Most often tests, deployment and bureaucracy.
  • Because we realize that you understand customer needs better than we do, we often ask what the functionality is for and what value it is supposed to bring.
  • Because we save time, we work from a home office except for key meetings.
  • Because we want to improve and expand our horizons, we like to change the project from time to time (and then maybe come back after a while).

What we can do

We consider ourselves full-stack developers. After all, a programming language is just a tool, the point is value for the customer. Tools we are currently used to:

  • Python
  • JavaScript and Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker, Docker Compose, Git, DigitalOcean, Nginx, Celery, Flask, Django, REST API

Because we often operate in the field of geographic information systems, we have perfect control of GDAL, PostGIS, OpenLayers, GeoServer, and other tools.

Why are we two

We know that we complement each other perfectly, we are able to substitute each other, we bring different perspectives, and together we are significantly more effective than separately. For the price of two, you get the equivalent of four.


For group of companies Czech Center for Science and Society, Lesprojekt služby and Wirelessinfo we create service for publishing geospatial data through REST API.
Brno Urban Grid
Under the banner of the company Altimapo we help to create BrnoUrbanGrid, grid statistics of Brno city and Brno metropolitan area for professional and general public.
Together with RILOG we present geospatial data to both general and professional public in the form of interactive maps.
For earth.guide in the first phase, we created a module for auto-tagging photos. Photos are labeled as “forest”, “church”, “waterfall” or similar. In the second phase, we extended their Android application so users can, apart from photos, share also geotagged articles. This time, apart from our usual languages Python, and JavaScript, we coded also in Kotlin.
We offer consulting in the field of IT, geospatial data processing and interactive maps. We regularly help e.g. ICS MU with the system Kompas and the library munimap.